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there is just so much wrong with tar sands oil mining that it is not funny. like really. check this site out, they explain it. is this ok with you? it is not ok with me.  this kind of thing really makes me mad. what are these people thinking?



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each light bulb can use up quite a lot of power. its easy to forget things like this. leaving the computer on is also a big energy waster. now is a great time to stop wasting power. and what about programmable thermostats?
and leaving the sink on? there is more than one way to reduce waste. what do YOU want to do about the environment?

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A limited resource. a Fact. an hourglass with so much sand. what are we to do with time? you can’t buy or sell it. once it’s gone you can’t get it back. what does time mean to you? how you use time affects your whole life. time is valuable. don’t waste it.

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