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An Attitude Problem.

I have noticed something recently. some of the most evil people and companies in the world all share something.
It’s a feeling, an attitude. a sentiment against life itself.
modern people think that they are somehow better then nature.
they think somehow that they can improve on the perfection that is the wind, the trees, the stars, the earth, the sun, and all of the wonderful creations that were here long before us.
they think that their desires outweigh the entire earth. There are lots of explanations why but the bottom line is we all need to get over ourselves.
if you look at any recent satellite image you will most likely discover, assuming you are a person, that you can not see yourself from space.
Its criminally insane to think that a few years in some nasty artificial laboratory can do better then billions of years of evolution. nature is already perfect. why change anything?
Something to think about.


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