hey! ive been kinda busy lately.
Just wanted to give a thumbs up to mozilla, developers of the popular firefox web browser(And the one i use)
for supporting Tumucumaque Park!

there is just so much wrong with tar sands oil mining that it is not funny. like really. check this site out, they explain it. is this ok with you? it is not ok with me.  this kind of thing really makes me mad. what are these people thinking?


each light bulb can use up quite a lot of power. its easy to forget things like this. leaving the computer on is also a big energy waster. now is a great time to stop wasting power. and what about programmable thermostats?
and leaving the sink on? there is more than one way to reduce waste. what do YOU want to do about the environment?


A limited resource. a Fact. an hourglass with so much sand. what are we to do with time? you can’t buy or sell it. once it’s gone you can’t get it back. what does time mean to you? how you use time affects your whole life. time is valuable. don’t waste it.

ok, freaking awesome. i really like this.

if what powergenx says is true, these new batteries charge in 2 1/2 hours, last a very long  time, and only cost 15$ a pack.they have no toxic ingredients, and can be charged/discharged 400-1000 times. when you think of how many AA batteries have gone to a landfill, it makes you glad someone developed this. this saves waste and saves cash at the same time.

have you seen some of the stuff people are doing with them? these new led flashlights are amazingly bright for their size.(i will get pissed if you point one in my eyes) and cheap. they can be incorporated into so many things that you can make just about anything light up.  i myself have built quite a few things with them.

Isn’t it amazing how cheap things are? a netbook for 250? a desktop for 149? wow. but the fact is that all this affordability means that last generation of computers often winds up in the trash. that is a lot of waste. and the internal components of PCs often contain things like plastics,lead,PVC,etc. this is going straight into the environment.

however, with the internet, it is quite easy to find someone willing to take your old PC off you’re hands for you. Even if it is completely non-functional, often several components can be reused by anyone who has some electronics knowledge. so before you throw it out, think:

you could:

put in in front of your house with a “FREE” sign

give it to a thrift store or sell it, if it still works(please don’t scam people)

modify it yourself or reuse some parts(WARNING there can be large voltages in PCs and i am not responsible for any action you take)

ask a friend if he wants if, etc

And if that all doesn’t work, google search for computer recycling in your area. just don’t make the trash can you’re first option.

And then there is toy waste. kids toys are being thrown out all the time. in the 1800s, nobody would think of throwing away a toy, back when they were handmade.just because we have factories doesn’t make waste ok.we have thrift stores and the internet. i think we can do better.

I have noticed something recently. some of the most evil people and companies in the world all share something.
It’s a feeling, an attitude. a sentiment against life itself.
modern people think that they are somehow better then nature.
they think somehow that they can improve on the perfection that is the wind, the trees, the stars, the earth, the sun, and all of the wonderful creations that were here long before us.
they think that their desires outweigh the entire earth. There are lots of explanations why but the bottom line is we all need to get over ourselves.
if you look at any recent satellite image you will most likely discover, assuming you are a person, that you can not see yourself from space.
Its criminally insane to think that a few years in some nasty artificial laboratory can do better then billions of years of evolution. nature is already perfect. why change anything?
Something to think about.

Japanese class!

Is today!!!!!! my teacher is great and i love the language! a lot of people i know have learned a second language. i wonder if i can……

Seriously WTH is with this. The other day the newspaper ways saying something about some dogs being rescued from a lake. and their mouths were taped. There is a lot of stories like this and its a disturbing trend.

Did you know that animal abusers are more likely to be psychopaths? They say psychopaths have no emotions whatsoever and only appear to. ewww.

So if you see this happening, Don’t act like it’s not a big deal. Just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Animal abuse should not be encouraged at all.

So if you’re friend  is doing this, maybe they aren’t such a good friend after all.

and if you’re son or daughter or student is doing this, is that ok with you?

something to think about.

Anyone with a heart not made of stone knows that animals have feelings too.

My first blog post!

Hey! this is my first post! I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for this blog but everyone seems to have one…..